Pet Policy


Visitors are NOT permitted to bring pets to the campground at any time

  • Aggressive dogs ate not permitted. Pets that are unruly or display aggressive behavior will need to leave
  • Must show proof of rabies vaccination
  • Make sure your pet is healthy and up-to-date on all required vaccinations, particularly rabies
  • Pets must wear their current and valid rabies tags
  • Pets must wear tags with name, and telephone number to reach owners
  • Keep pet on a leash no longer than four feet and under control at all times
  • Never tie pets to trees/posts/camping unit/etc. 
  • Pets should never be left unattended (that means in RVs, tents, cars, campsites, etc.) This tends to make them bark or dig which is unacceptable behavior
  • Clean up after your pet whether on your site, along the road, around the lake, in the woods, etc. (Why clean up even in the woods? We want to encourage the wildlife to stay around.
  • Do not put dog droppings in the fire rings
  • Pets are not allowed in any building
  • Pets are not allowed in playground or swimming area
  • Although they’re your best friend and you can’t imagine camping without them. Next door to you might be a camper who can’t imagine camping with a dog or worse is deathly afraid of dogs. (You know, as you feel about spiders or snakes.) In a spirit of cooperation, we ask that you and your pooch abide by the following rules: Constant barking bothers other campers. If your pet is too vocal, you’ll need to find other accommodations

Camping Cabins

  • Up to two pets are allowed in the Camping Cabins.  Pet Fee is $10 per pet per night

    On-Site Rental Campers

  • Absolutely NO PETS in Rental Campers or on Rental Camper sites.
  • If Renter arrives with a pet(s), Campground reserves the right to refuse rental. No refund will be given
  • A fee of $50 PER PET PER DAY will be charged to Renter’s credit card for any INFRINGEMENT