Our History

We are a Family owned and operated Campground.
Established in 1974, we are now in our second generation of management. The owner, now 92 yrs old, is our mother, although she is affectionately known as “Grandma”.
The property was purchased in 1961 along with an additional 42 acres as a dairy farm. The farmhouse along with the haybarn on the left just before the campground entrance was ours. The subdivision just before the farmhouse was our pasture field. The ‘bottom’ land was perfect for crops as it could be irrigated during drought years. We started construction on the campground while we were still operating the dairy. The farmhouse along with 42 acres was sold in 1970. We kept 89 acres which is now the campground property.In June of 1976 the Bicentennial Wagon Train camped with us. It was quite a sight seeing the Conestoga wagons, Prairie Schooners, and even a quaint chuck wagon coming down the hill to the campground. It was like taking a trip back 200 years walking through the encampment which took up the whole field above the lake. All the cooking was done in the chuck wagon. Farriers traveled with the group to reshoe horses as necessary. Loretta Lynn’s husband Dolittle “Mooney” Lynn traveled with the group.

We have made many changes to the campground throughout the years. The addition of four indoor hot tubs, inground swimming pool, gameroom, campers kitchen, camping cabins, on-site rental campers, 18 hole mini-golf course, and cafe are some of our improvements. We have many more improvements planned for the future.

It is very heartwarming to see our camping friends with their spouses and children staying with us while remembering them as children camping with their parents and grandparents.

These are but a few of our memories.

It is not just a cliche´ when we say “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES”